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Mobile chat kannada

Way2 will offer short news bytes in Hindi, Marathi, Malyalam, Tamil, Bangla, Gujarati, Telugu and Kannada, as also in English.

Way2 editors scour multiple news sources, local dailies, TV news channels, websites and blogs, RSS feeds, magazines and summarize each news story in just 400 characters.

The local language user base has increased by 47 per cent in June 2015 (as compared to June 2014).

The next surge of Internet users will be from the rural and suburban areas who would want more content in the vernacular.

With a 45 million strong user base we have the aspiration to become a matter of habit for our users.

We have Donald Trump in the news every day, but what is the news piece really trying to say, about how much of a bigot he is, or how lame some of his statements are or how the whole world is scared to have a xenophobic guy run the most powerful country in the world.

The numbers have grown exponentially since then and we d like to let you know how we work to get you the best, the most relevant and the right crux of the news in less than 400 characters from a news piece which may run into 400-1000 words. It is getting the bang for each letter and word that we put there.

The theory of a longer route being the righter route is no longer valid in the age of the internet.

Fast paced lives, technology and gadgets have turned instant gratification into an imperative and not a luxury that it was once considered to be.

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Thereafter he asks the person receiving the call to pay Rs 995 as taxes to get that gift.